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Landlord Certificates. CP12.

imageLandlord gas safety certificates.

At Gas Fix we have fully qualified Gas Safe engineers offering Landlord safety certificates at great rates.

It is only Gas Safe registered engineers who are legally able to give Landlord Safety certificates.

It’s important to get your appliances regularly serviced to make sure they are working efficiently and safely. You should also have a gas safety check done on all gas fittings and appliances every year.

Do you live in a rented property?

Did you know that your landlord has legal responsibilities when it comes to gas safety?

If you rent a property, ask your landlord for a copy of the current Gas Safety record. This record shows that gas appliances have had an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Landlords must also maintain gas appliances, so check the date when yours were last serviced as well.

Are you a landlord?

Landlords must be able to provide their tenants with an up-to-date Gas Safety record.

By law, landlords must have all gas appliances serviced regularly, normally once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The Gas Safe registered engineer will provide a Gas Safety record upon completion of the check.

What information does the Landlords Gas Safety record contain?

As a minimum, the record of a gas safety check must contain:

description and location of each appliance and/or flue checked
name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out the check
date on which the appliance and/or flue was checked
the address of the property at which the appliance and/or flue is installed
the name and address of the landlord (or his agent where appropriate)
any defect identified and any action required or taken to fix it
confirmation of the results of operational safety checks carried out on the appliances.

Please click our example photo of how a Gas safe landlord certificate should look.

For any more info or to book a Landlord gas safety inspection with Gas Fix call 0800 949 9489

We carry out Landlord gas safety certificates in Surrey,Sussex Local towns are,

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